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London Lombard Street Office Space and Executive Suites for Lease ...

London Lombard Street Office Space and Executive Suites for Lease ...

Serviced Offices – 4 Lombard Street, Bank - Landmark Plc

3 Lombard Street | London EC3

Serviced Offices – 4 Lombard Street, Bank - Landmark Plc

File:Offices in Lombard Street, EC3 - - 1112062 ...

Photos of 38, Lombard Street Ec3 - City of London - Greater London ...

London Serviced Offices & Meeting Rooms - Landmark Plc

Hall Kemp - Home

St Mary Woolnoth, Lombard Street, London... © John Salmon cc-by-sa ...

67 Lombard Street, , London, EC3V 9LJ -

Lombard street Video - YouTube

File:Lombard Street, London EC3 - - 59418.jpg ...

Acquisition of 21 Lombard Street - Greycoat

Serviced Offices – 4 Lombard Street, Bank - Landmark Plc

ISG signed up for £29m Lombard Street office development

My love affair with Samuel Pepys, via Lombard Street and Greenwich

Lombard London, 67 Lombard Street, EC3 - New London Development

Stewart Design (UK) Ltd

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Youtube now supports HDR video

YouTube has announced adding the HDR video format support. One will be able to watch videos in this format with the help of compatible devices such as HDR-TVs with the Chromecast Ultra, Samsung SUHD and UHD. One can feel free to upload video to the service.
High Dynamic Range Imaging, HDRI or just HDR is a technology that works with images and video, the brightness range of which exceeds the capabilities of conventional technology. HDR allows you to display items in the picture at the same time dark and very light areas. This technology improves the video quality by means of approximation to the visibility of human eye, which is able to distinguish details in the shadows and in the light.
According to YouTube reps, the service will also implement the HDR streaming in the nearest future.
The fact that YouTube is planning to add HDR-video support, it was already known in January this year.

Google launches mobile-first index testing

Google starts testing mobile-first index. It means that in the near future, the search algorithms will be primarily assessed by the relevance of a mobile version of the page and alternatively by the desktop. This information was published in the company's blog.
Today more and more people are searching through mobile devices. However, Google's ranking system continues evaluating the relevance of the desktop version of the page.
In order to make the search results more useful Google started testing mobile-first index. Although the search index will remain united, eventually Google's ranking algorithms will primarily evaluate the mobile version of the page.
In the coming months Google will experiment the updated index with some users. Having finished the testing, the system will be launched around the world.
Despite the fact that the process of transition to mobile-first index is only on its way to be introduced to the public, Google has prepared several recommendations for the webmasters:
• If your website is configured as an adaptive or dynamic display design, in which the main content and layout are identical for both mobile and desktop devices, no changes to be applied in this case
• If a website configuration requires different content for mobile and desktop devices, it is necessary to perform the following changes:
o Make sure that the structured markup is used in mobile and desktop website version.
o Check the equivalence of micro markup on both desktop and mobile version using the structured Google data testing tool.
o By adding structured data on the mobile website, you should avoid including a large number of micro markup, which is not relevant to a specific content of each document.
o Use a robots.txt file verification tool to verify that the mobile version of the site is accessible to Googlebot.
o It is not necessary to apply changes to the canonical URL. Google will keep considering these attributes to display matching results to mobile and desktop users.
• If you have confirmed only the desktop version of the website in the Search Console, you should also add the mobile resource version.
• If you have only got a desktop website, Google will go on indexing it, even if the mobile user agent is used to view the resource.
• You should keep in mind that when creating a mobile version a functional, focused on desktop website is much better than an incomplete or non-mobile version. Please launch the mobile version only when it is completely ready to use.

As it was already stated earlier Google will launch a separate mobile code and make it the primary in the coming months. Now it turned out that the index will remain the same for all types of documents.

Google: Noindex directive is of more importance than Index

Google rep, Gary Illyes, reminded that if the code page indicates both directives Noindex and Index only Noindex will be taken into account.
It’s not an undiscovered land for many webmasters, but a truism. However, judging by the fact that Ilsh decided to remind about this on his webpage on Twitter, such situations are not uncommon.

Seo Facts #12

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.

Seo Facts #120

Nearly two-thirds of American adults (65%) use social networking sites, up from 7% when Pew Research Center began systematically tracking social media usage in 2005. (Source: Pew Research)

Seo Facts #180

E-mail marketing was the leading channel behind search, driving an impressive 20% of online sales during the 2015 holiday shopping season (Nov. 1 – Dec. 31).  (Source: Custora)

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