Image Gallery: Long handle dipper

LONG HANDLED DIPPERS - Scienceware® : The LabMart, Highest Quality ...

Bel-Art F36780-0016 Long-Handled Dipper; 16oz, 3ft Handle, Plastic ...

Long Handled Dippers

Bel-Art SP Scienceware Long-Handled Dippers :Spatulas, Forceps and ...

Long Handled Dippers |

Bel-Art 378070000 Long-Handle Water Sample Dipper with 9-Foot ...

Long handled dipper gourds photo - Forbidden Donut photos at

Long-Handled Water Dipper, 6-Foot Handle

Extra Long Handled Dipper Gourds of Foothills Farm and Crafts LLC ...

Bel-Art F36781-0016 Long-Handled Dipper; 16oz, 6ft Handle, Plastic ...

Long Handled Dipper Gourd | Living With the Land exhibit at … | Flickr

Knotted Gourds - Neatorama

Nasco Sample Handling

Gourd: Long Handled Dipper | Garden Guides

Long Handle Dipper Gourd | Jung Garden and Flower Seed Company

20 Seeds Dipper Gourd Long Handle Lagenaria Siceraria Bottle Bird ...

Long handle dipper gourd | Garden | Pinterest | Gourds

Log Cabin Antiques & Gifts: Long handled dipper bucket

Casa Grande Gourd Festival - Photos

Gourd, Dipper, Extra Long Handled | Rare Fruits, Vegetables and ...

SEO Recommendations

Google: webpage redirect to the home page is treated as soft 404

If your website has 301 redirect set up for all pages to the homepage, then Google will treat those redirects as a "soft" 404 error. This was stated by the search department representative, John Mueller during a regular video-meeting for webmasters.
Therefore, Google will ignore this redirection, and they will not transfer PageRank.

Google: Disavow Links will help to do Penguin away

Having launched the update for Google Penguin 4.0 a lot of questions raised among experts to give up using this filter. In particular, whether it will be possible to solve this problem by using Disavow file.
Yesterday the Search rep, Gary Illyes confirmed that Disavow Links is still a useful tool to leave the Penguin.
"We did not change our recommendations regarding the disavow links tool," - said Illyes.
In 2013, the former head of Google's search quality service against web spamming, Matt Cutts, announced that in order to quit Penguin the Disavow files can be used:
We should remind you that on September, 23, Google announced the launch of updated version of Penguin 4.0. As a result, the filter update will be part of the core Google algorithm and will go into continuous automatic update mode.

Google Search Analytics API makes available resource sets

Google opened access to resource sets in the Search Console by means of the Search Analytics API. Mike Sullivan from the United States was the first one noticed this innovation.
Google launched a new feature "Resource Kits" in the Search Console in May this year. It allows you to connect up to 200 resources of any type (either the web pages or applications) into a sole group and receive all the data on clicks and impressions in a single report.
From now on the resource kits are also available through the Search Analytics API.

Seo Facts #54

June 2015 research of marketers by Ascend2 showed 89% worldwide rated SEO successful at achieving objectives of improved search rankings, website traffic and lead generation. (Source: eMarketer)

Seo Facts #23

Google estimates that the Internet now contains roughly five million terabytes of data – but the search giant has indexed only 0.04% of it all. (The Wonder of Tech)

Seo Facts #101

75% of Gmail users open their email on a mobile device as of May 2015. (Source: TechCrunch)

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