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Mexican Luchadores CMLL - Nicola Ókin Frioli - Photography

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SEO Recommendations

Google is testing “Back to top” button on mobile search

English-speaking users have noticed that Google is testing a newly introduced «Back to top» («Up») button in the mobile search results. It appears when scrolling down the page.
On iOS this button is displayed only for some Google app users. However, it is slow in responding and degrades the experience of search interaction.
We should mention that last month Google held a testing for a new desktop interface search results.

Google turned “Content keywords” off in the Search Console

Google announced that "Content Keywords" in the Search Console has been disabled.
At the time it was launched this report was the only way to see what Googlebot detected when scanning your website. Now webmasters have an access to the Search Analytics report, the tool "View as Googlebot» and other functions.
Google also noted that the "Content Keywords" report misled people. It gave the impression that the more similar the keywords added to the page, the more likely that it will be relevant in search results. In fact, it was not so.
This was exactly the reason of disabling this feature. Since fall 2015 Google got interested in the way the webmasters use "Content Keywords" report.
The idea of disabling the report became known in May this year.

Google has cut a number of quick links in the search results

Google has significantly reduced the number of quick links on search results. This is attested by the RankRanger information.
On November, 2 it was reported that Sitelinks ranked 32% of all search results, and on November, 5 it dropped down to 8.1%. Today, Novemberm 8, it went a little up again and was ranked at 8.5%.
According to Barry Schwartz, the editor from Search Engine Roundtable, this innovation affected mainly small references that were previously placed in a row under the snippet.
Massive navigation links remain without changes applied.
It should be recalled that Google has disabled the URL downgrade rating feature used as a reference site. Previously, it could help Search Console users to remove improper or incorrect links from the search results. It no longer has this kind of option.

Seo Facts #50

As of May 2015 more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan. (Source: Google)

Seo Facts #152

Instagram reports 400 million users with over 75% living outside the US as of September 2015.  (Source: Instagram)

Seo Facts #146

25% of adult Internet users are on LinkedIn as of August 2015. (Source: Pew Research)

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