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McCormick Pepper Tins 25% Less Full, Class Action Alleges

Watkins Sues McCormick Over Pepper, Makes Federal Case Out Of ...

Watkins Sues McCormick Over Pepper, Makes Federal Case Out Of ...

Black Pepper, Ground | McCormick

McCormick Black Pepper, Pure Ground: Calories, Nutrition Analysis ...

How Do Companies Quietly Raise Prices? They Do This - WSJ

McCormick Black Pepper, Coarse Ground - Grocery Aisles - Giant Eagle

Watkins Sues McCormick Over Pepper, Makes Federal Case Out Of ...

Putting Some Pepper Into Legal Project Management? | Pam Woldow's ... : McCormick Black Peppercorn Grinder - 1.0 oz : Grocery ...

Lessons learned from McCormick's pepper | Andrew Bellay | LinkedIn

McCormick Crushed Red Pepper, 2.62 oz -

McCormick Pure Ground Black Pepper: Calories, Nutrition Analysis ...

mccormick cilantro - Price comparisons, product reviews and find ...

McCormick Ground Black Pepper in Tin - 2 oz - Free Shipping

mccormick celery-salt - Price comparisons, product reviews and ...

kata kopi: Refill or Reuse McCormick Pepper Grinder

Mccormick Pepper -

Morton Iodized Salt and McCormick Pepper Shakers, 2 count, 5.25 oz ...

McCormick Black Whole Pepper, 19.5 oz. - BJ's Wholesale Club

SEO Recommendations

European Court introduces a new criterion of legality of the links

The European court has introduced a new criterion for the legality of links to the copyright material, which is the absence of profit.
From now on adding the website links to illegally published materials, which are protected by copyright, is no longer a violation in the case if the owner of the resource does not get any profit of the resource. Before they could justify the writer, unless he knew that the image to other resources were deployed in circumvention of the law. That is, if his actions were not deliberate and did not have a hidden intention.
The corresponding decision was accepted by Playboy’s lawsuit against the Dutch website GeenStijl. The latter was accused of publication of the links to an Australian website that posted posted pictures of Britt Decker, the TV showman without having any permission to do that.
The lawsuit was filed to the court when GeenStijl refused to delete references to images belonging to Playboy. Initially the case was heard in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. Then it was passed to the European Court.

Google is testing “Back to top” button on mobile search

English-speaking users have noticed that Google is testing a newly introduced «Back to top» («Up») button in the mobile search results. It appears when scrolling down the page.
On iOS this button is displayed only for some Google app users. However, it is slow in responding and degrades the experience of search interaction.
We should mention that last month Google held a testing for a new desktop interface search results.

Google: WordPress-based websites do not benefit in rankings

There is a belief among foreign webmasters that websites built on WordPress receive some advantage in Google rankings. Yesterday it became clear that this is just another myth.
The question on the subject was given to search spokesman, John Mueller on Twitter. He said the following: «WordPress is a perfect for content management system, and it works well in the search. However, our algorithms are not taken into account in the ranking of such factors as the CMS, on the basis of which the works."
According to W3Techs by November 2015, every fourth website on the Internet is powered by WordPress.

Seo Facts #177

 Apple continued to rule the mobile shopping game with 76.9% of orders placed on iOS devices during the 2015 holiday shopping season.  (Source: Custora)

Seo Facts #52

Google had 94% of the worldwide mobile (smartphone and tablet) search market share in December 2015. (Source: NetMarketshare)

Seo Facts #135

Facebook had 167 million daily active users (DAUs) in the US and Canada as of Q3 2015, with 1.01 billion daily users worldwide. (Source: TechCrunch)

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