Image Gallery: Scozia tour

Scozia Tour, Tour in Italiano | Tour in Scozia in mini-bus...

Gran Tour Della Scozia Fly And Drive | Holidays Empire

Scozia In Treno Tour Individuale Itineraio 5 giorni | Holidays Empire

Tour Della Scozia Classica In Pullman Guida Italiana | HolidaysEmpire

Tour Con Auto Delle distillerie del Whisky In Scozia | HolidaysEmpire

2016 – Scozia Classica | Malan Viaggi Tour operator

Scozia Tour, Tour in Italiano | Tour in Scozia in mini-bus...

Tour della Scozia Classica | Robintur

Viaggi organizzati e Tour di gruppo in Scozia, Regno Unito e a ...

Set cinematografici di Scozia - Tour | ALDI SUISSE TOURS

Scozia la piscina delle Fate! - ViaggiandoGo

Tour della Scozia 2017, Bed & Breakfast in Scozia 2017, Fly and ...

Viaggi organizzati e Tour di gruppo in Scozia, Regno Unito e a ...

Tour In Pullman in Scozia 7 Giorni Highlands Castelli | HolidaysEmpire

Tour in Pullman della Scozia - Angoli del Mondo

Tour della Scozia: Castelli e Fantasmi | Offerte Viaggi e ...

Tour Scozia - 29 Agosto 2014 - Storico viaggi - Tour in Scozia ...

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Tour in auto - Scozia

Scozia: tour 2011 (via Giulio1954's Blog) | Max510's Blog

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Google: Disavow Links will help to do Penguin away

Having launched the update for Google Penguin 4.0 a lot of questions raised among experts to give up using this filter. In particular, whether it will be possible to solve this problem by using Disavow file.
Yesterday the Search rep, Gary Illyes confirmed that Disavow Links is still a useful tool to leave the Penguin.
"We did not change our recommendations regarding the disavow links tool," - said Illyes.
In 2013, the former head of Google's search quality service against web spamming, Matt Cutts, announced that in order to quit Penguin the Disavow files can be used:
We should remind you that on September, 23, Google announced the launch of updated version of Penguin 4.0. As a result, the filter update will be part of the core Google algorithm and will go into continuous automatic update mode.

The US elections will be live on Google and Youtube

Google and YouTube will be live broadcasting the Election day, as the Google company reports.
Youtube videohosting will be broadcasted live on world major TV channels, among which NBC, PBS, MTV, Bloomberg, and Telemundo. Right after the polls closed are, users we be able to see the results of the elections that are integrated into a Google search introduced in 30 languages around the world. Live broadcast will also present a detailed updates and results of the presidential election, senators, congressmen, governors and other information.
The voting will begin on November 8 at 14 or 15 p.m. Moscow time.
We should remind you that in September 2016 US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump has accused Google of concealing negative information regarding Hillary Clinton. And in early November, it was reported that a detailed plan for the campaign in the US presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton was composed by none other than the Google head of the board of directors, Eric Schmidt back in 2014.

Google My Business introduced notification settings

Google has added a new setting into the My Business service. Using the settings users can manage notifications for email and mobile devices.
From now on you can modify the following notifications:
- important account updates;
- feedbacks from customers;
- notifications about photos published by the clients;
- notifications about new features and offers, which will help to attract more customers and others.
The information regarding new settings can be found here:
More information about the innovation is available in the Help screen in Google My Business.

Seo Facts #24

Integrating PPC and organic SEO efforts results on average in a 25% increase in clicks and a 27% increase in profits over isolated or disconnected efforts. (Digital Marketing Philippines)

Seo Facts #109

A survey by Bizrate Insights found that 23% of potential online buyers purposely abandon their shopping carts in order to collect coupons that sellers send to try and close the sale. (Source: E-Consultancy)

Seo Facts #151

In Q3 2015, 78% of Facebook’s $4.3 billion in advertising revenue worldwide came from ads on mobile devices.  (eMarketer)

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