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Gooligan virus shut down over a million Google accounts

Check Point Israeli company specialists have found a malware that has cracked over a million Google accounts. The number of affected users is still growing, which equals about 13 thousand people a day.
The virus was named Gooligan. It infects devices running Android 4 (Jelly Bean, KitKat) and 5 (Lollipop) and steals email-addresses and authentication data that is stored on them.
The resulting information can be used by hackers to gain access to user data in Google Play, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, GSuite, Google Drive and other services.
The report says that about 57% of infected devices are found in Asia, whereas in Europe this number equals 9%.
The CheckPoint immediately contacted Google security service having detected the malicious activity. At the moment, the experts are looking for the source of both Gooligan campaigns.

Google updated the Gmail design on iOS platform

Google has redesigned Gmail app for iOS and added some new features to it. The company also updated the calendar for iOS.

The new features in Gmail are as follows:
• the option to cancel a message.
• faster search due to its instant results and spelling hints option.
• the ability to put a message in the archive or delete it by swiping it left or right.

New Calendar features:
• Support for the built-in Spotlight search. Now users can search with the help of events, reminders and goals in the Calendar.
• Support for alternative calendars such as lunar, Islamic and Vedic. Along with these calendars you can also see the current calendar.
• View your weekly and monthly schedule in landscape orientation.
It should be recalled that Google Gmail updated its design for iOS last time for almost four years ago back in December 2012.

HTTPS-connections on desktop Chrome browser has estimated over 50% interest

Google has added a new "Using HTTPS» section in its report on the accessibility of their services and data. It aims to show the transition dynamics to a secure protocol.
According to Google, current desktop Chrome version users download more than a half of the pages through the safe protocol. Whereas, mobile users still widely use HTTP protocol, however, more and more users are getting to HTTPS. Android users who use HTTPS protocol were estimated at 40%.
Google has valued the statistics on page views using different protocols in Chrome and found out that users spend most of their time browsing HTTPS websites than HTTP-resources. This ratio is getting higher for HTTPS benefit.
Google started measuring the HTTPS-connections on Chrome in early 2015.
It should be mentioned that in December 2015 the search engine began HTTPS-indexing page version by default. According to Moz, HTTPS-results in Google top 10 has reached 40% last month.

Seo Facts #23

Google estimates that the Internet now contains roughly five million terabytes of data – but the search giant has indexed only 0.04% of it all. (The Wonder of Tech)

Seo Facts #175

A total of 30.4% of online sales were placed on mobile (phones and tablets) during the 2015 holiday shopping season (Nov. 1 – Dec. 31), up from 25.9% of sales in 2014.  (Source: Custora)

Seo Facts #61

71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search. (Source: Google)

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