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SEO Recommendations

South Korea denied Google access to geospatial data

South Korean authorities banned Google in using the official map data on servers outside the country, reported by Reuters. The reason for refusal were the security issues related to the conflict with North Korea.
Google points out that data should be used on servers around the world to provide a proper functionality for Google Maps. Otherwise, South Korean user will not be able to get information while on pedestrian and road routes.
"We are quite disappointed by this decision," - said Google’s spokesman. He also expressed the hope that in the future the situation may change, and users in the region will have access to all Google Maps features.
According to the Korean officials, using map data outside the country can threaten its security. In particular, military location and other important objects can be revealed in this case.

Facebook is planning to act as a competitor to Linkedin

Facebook is currently testing a new service that allows page owners to post vacancies and other users to apply for them. This information was reported by TechCrunch.
Vacant posts will be created at «Jobs» tab. The companies will be able to specify the job title, salary and working conditions. By means of a special feature it will highlight vacancies among other publications in the news feed and attract the attention of users. All ads will be visible in the Jobs section.
Applicants will be able to respond to the announcements using «Apply Now» button. The CV will be generated automatically from the data of user’s profiles. Thus, they will be able to quickly offer its candidature for several jobs without wasting time posting general information.
The companies will receive a feedback through private messages. They will also be able to pay for the posts to attact more people.
Once this feature is launched, Facebook will become a direct competitor to the LinkedIn social network.
We should remind you that Microsoft reported of buyng Linkedin in June. The deal should be done by the end of this year, and its total amount will reach $ 26.2 billion.

John Mueller called to stop rustling about redirects

Recently, Google rep, Jon Mueller, posted a call for webmasters to stop fussing about redirects on his page on Twitter. According to him, the redirect adjustment is a technical issue and not a matter of SEO. The most important thing is to choose the right version of the redirect, and there is nothing “supernatural” about that.
Mueller’s message was posted following the recent Twitter-storm con regarding the topic of redirects and how they are processed by Google.
During the discussion, Google's search quality analyst, Gary Illyes, said all redirects pass PageRank:
As it was seen from the comments, the foreign experts agreed to the fact that redirects are a matter of technical SEO.
We should remind you that in July this year Gary Illyes have already said that all the redirect codes 3xx pass PageRank.

Seo Facts #149

Mobile ads now makes up a very significant 78% of Facebook’s advertising revenue, up from 76% in Q2.  (Source: TechCrunch)

Seo Facts #104

According to findings by The Relevancy Group in April 2015, US marketing executives believe that email marketing alone drives the same level of revenue as their social media, website and display ad efforts combined. (Source: eMarketer)

Seo Facts #36

30% of companies outsource their paid search advertising, and 28% do so for display advertising. (MediaPost)

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