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Samsung i900 Omnia - Full phone specifications

Samsung i900 Omnia pictures, official photos

Samsung SGH-i900 - Wikipedia Samsung i900 Omnia Unlocked Phone with 8 GB Memory, 5 ...

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Samsung Omnia (i900) 8GB

Samsung i900 Omnia pictures, official photos

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Samsung i900 Omnia - Full phone specifications

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The Samsung Omnia i900: a Competing All In One Touchscreen Smartphone

Samsung Omnia i900 disassembly, screen replacement and repair

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Samsung i900 Omnia specs, review, release date - PhonesData

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SEO Recommendations

Google shows the wrong date in the search results

A few days ago a lot of webmasters have noticed that Google shows the wrong date of the publication of content in the search results. This is clearly seen from the messages posted on Google Webmaster Help, Webmaster World, BlackHat World, and Moz forums.
The screenshot (see the link below) displays Google indicates that the message was published on the 30th of December, 2014. In fact, it was uploaded on the 11th of January, 2016.
The specialists are already aware of the bug and are currently working on fixing this error as soon as possible for all users affected.

Google is testing “Back to top” button on mobile search

English-speaking users have noticed that Google is testing a newly introduced «Back to top» («Up») button in the mobile search results. It appears when scrolling down the page.
On iOS this button is displayed only for some Google app users. However, it is slow in responding and degrades the experience of search interaction.
We should mention that last month Google held a testing for a new desktop interface search results.

Facebook limits the advertising because of the ethnic ground

Facebook decided to do the revision of the rules of advertising and to limit the use of targeting towards the "ethnic community". From now on companies will not be able to use this option in the ads on the topic of employment, credit services, as well as the sale or rental.
About two weeks ago the possibility of targeting by ethnicity on Facebook was actively critisized. In particular, it was noted that in this way the social network violates the users’ civil rights.
Therefore, Facebook decided to ban this option in the above areas. Bisedes, the company will also make changes in the advertising policy. Under the new rules, the brand companies will not be able to post "discriminatory advertisements."
Changes will take effect by the end of this year. Targeting option to ethnic communities will be moved from the demographic to behavioral category.
When the new system is fully launched, advertisers will receive a warning concerning the violation of service policy when buying the ads.
If the advertiser ignores the warnings and automatic announcements confirmation will not be able to recognize the action of violation, the users themselves will have to inform about the violations.
Later, Facebook will publish some recommendations on how to advertise housing, employment and credit services under the new rules.

Seo Facts #56

25% of all websites globally use WordPress as their development platform as of November 2015 (Source: W3Techs)

Seo Facts #140

Within the overall Facebook family there are 900 million WhatsApp users, 700 million Facebook Messenger users, and over 400 million Instagram users as of Q3 2015. (Source: TechCrunch)

Seo Facts #36

30% of companies outsource their paid search advertising, and 28% do so for display advertising. (MediaPost)

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