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Image Gallery: Casio Wk- 3000

Francúszky Walt Roman Kalai Ml... Casio wk-3000 - YouTube

Amazon.com: Casio WK-3000 Professional Series 76 Key Digital ...

CASIO Electronic keyboard WK-3000 | Free Classifieds- Buy, Sell ...

WK-3000 - High-Grade Keyboards - Electronic Musical Instruments ...

Casio WK-3000 Custom Synth sounds Part 3 - YouTube

User reviews: Casio WK-3000 - Audiofanzine

Casio WK3000 Demo Songs - YouTube

Casio Wk 3000 | www.bx115.com/watch

Casio WK-3000 Keyboard | Get Touring

Casio WK-3000 Synthesiser Keyboard 76 keys for sale | in Hove ...

Casio WK3000.mp4 - YouTube

Korg Monotron Ipod Touch Casio WK-3000 Possibilities - Part 2 ...

KEYBOARD - CASIO WK-3000 SYNTESIZER | Buy Musical Instruments ...

Casio Wk 3000 For Sale in Donaghmede, Dublin from NewNo2

Casio WK-3300 'FAME' - YouTube

Casio WK-3000 versus Yamaha S03 and Yamaha DX7 - YouTube

Amazon.com: Casio WK-3000 Professional Series 76 Key Digital ...

Casio WK3000 76-Key GM Keyboard | zZounds

Casio WK 3000 professional keyboard - Bengaluru - Books, Sports ...

Casio WK-3000 Professional Series 76 Key Digital Recording | Reverb

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    Publishers have found a way to beat Facebook's ranking algorithms

    July 25/2017

    The AdAge Edition noted that publishers have found a way to beat Facebook's ranking algorithms. They began to attach short videos in MP4 format instead of pictures; since videos re usually given priority in the users' tapes.
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    BuzzFeed and ForShitsAndGiggles have not yet commented on this aspect.

    Google ignores canonical links when an error is suspected

    Aug 03/2017

    Google ignores canonical links if it is suspected that an error could have been made during their implementation. This was told by the search representative, John Mueller during the last video meeting with webmasters.
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    It should be recalled that earlier this month the Moz founder, Rand Fishkin, prepared a review of the best practices for the URL canonicalization.

    Google Search Console sends thousands of verification requests to webmasters by mistake

    Aug 14/2017

    The webmasters who work with Google Search Console have been receiving numerous letters from the service in the last two days asking them to confirm the data. In some cases, thousands of such messages are going to inbox.
    Google’s search quality department specialist John Mueller suggested that the problem may be related to the beta version of Search Console, and apologized:
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    It should be recalled that Google is working on a new version of Search Console, which became known in July. The company officially confirmed this information in early August and shared the details of the two reports for testing. The new Search Console version will not only change the interface, but also make more data available.

    Google uses ccTLD for geotargeting and Search Console settings

    July 25/2017

    John Mueller, Google spokesman described the way the search engine targets search results for users living in different regions of the globe.
    According to Mueller, geographic targeting uses factors such as ccTLDs or Search Console settings.
    For geotargeting we use mostly the ccTLD or search console setting, so place the server.
    — John ☆.o(≧▽≦)o.☆ (@JohnMu) July 7, 2017
    Earlier Google analyzed the server location determining the region where the website should be ranked best. Apparently, now this factor is not counted.

    Google tests a new format for price extension in Product Listing Ads

    Aug 04/2017

    Merkle agency specialists noticed that Google is testing a new format for price expansion in product listings.
    Testers put the product price, which is shown at a discount, and the crossed-out original price on the right side. As a result, users immediately see that the product participates in the promotion. Testing is carried out in the mobile and desktop Google versions.
    As noted in Merkle, this format of displaying information about the discount allows you to save space in the ad and show other extensions (free delivery, product rating). In addition, it helps to increase CTR ads and highlight company offers among competitors' ads.
    Testing is conducted on a limited scale. Google representative said to the Merkle Company that they are constantly testing various formats to give users the most useful information.

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    In the May 2015 survey from BrightLocal 61% of consumers said that they are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile optimized site. (Source: BrightLocal)

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