TOP-10 automated services of contextual advertising

Added: 02.23
Digital agencies long abandoned the "manual" campaign management methods on the Internet in favor of SAAS-solutions long time ago. This approach allows the agency to avoid errors in the institution of advertising campaigns, improve advertising results, ensure the implementation of KPI client. But the most important is to make the most relevant advertising due to the automatic update settings in the campaign automation.
And what about those who do not work for a large agency that comprehensively solves the problem of attracting customers for your business? There is one option possible: independent work with the automation of online advertising systems.
Today there are many automation systems of online advertising in the market. They can be divided into two groups. The first group will include systems that are useful to small and medium businesses. They have got a friendly interface, so they can involve professionals who do not have any experience in the contextual advertising.
The second group comprises of a system aimed on "professional users" with advanced features, built-ins, powerful analytical systems and which can be used by large advertising agencies and advertisers.
Let's try to cover these systems together.

Group 1: system for beginners

Platforms this system works with:
Yandex, Google AdWords, VKontakte, Facebook, myTarget (Odnoklassniki, My World).

1. Aori works with a budget starting with 51$.
2. Easy migration of the existing campaigns from Yandex and Google AdWords onto Aori service. There is a possibility of advertising within social networks.
3. Automated campaign management strategies allow to buy clicks where it is cheaper.
4. Database tools for placing and conducting advertising campaigns.
5.Training videos and webinars.
6. Aori support specialists provide free consultations for the users regarding the startup and management of advertising campaigns.
7. Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions over the life of advertising.
- Placement of advertising campaigns goes only through Aori account.
The price for the system:
It's free of charge. There is a shop for additional services, which can be ordered separately (optional).

Platforms this system works with:
Yandex, Google AdWords.
- The company provides free training webinars for entrepreneurs and marketers. - Transfer system content from the platform.
- Automatic account updating of advertising campaigns.
- Users can easily manage the rates in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords automatically.
- The system eliminates the intersection of keywords in one or more campaigns. - Affiliate program for agencies and freelancers.
- Phone support is available on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00, at the weekend you can contact by email and via the feedback form.
- Free campaign account management is only possible with the budget of 5172$.
- The affiliate program has got lots of restrictions.
The price for the system:
It is free of charge. You can also choose one of the four business packages for contextual advertising management.

Group 2: system for professional users

Adobe Media Optimizer
Platforms this system works with:
Google AdWords, Yandex, Facebook
- The system uses a "portfolio" approach to the management of interest rates; the platform independently decides on all bets within the "portfolio" to improve business performance.
- Feature of forecasting the results of advertising campaigns depending on changes in the parameters.
- Counter of efficiency built in, which allows to take into account the costs of advertising and targeted actions of the website visitors (such as purchase orders, sales volume).
- The system can optimize campaigns under several business indicators. It can create and manage advertising campaigns of various dimensions.
- No Russian language support
- The system is quite expensive in using it
- Limited integration with Yandex; you can only work with its own analytical system.
The price for the system:
Depends on the advertising budget; the exact price can be be specified by the company's managers.

Platforms this system works with:
Alytics is integrated with Yandex Direct, Yandex Market, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, CallTouch, CoMagic, Alloka, CRM and User_id.
- The system collects values for each keyword and ad rates and manages every campaign.
- Alytics can generate ads for each product card.
- There are several modules built-in: Module Analysis (automates the collection of statistics), bid management module, CPA optimization module and ROI * that work on the basis of the conversion prediction (optimizer ROI will soon be available in beta-mode), the generation of product ads module (automatic creation of ads and key phrases for each item).
- Easy to integrate with CRM-system.
- Automation on the creation of product ads for goods from YML for Yandex and Google AdWords.
- Alytics client center gives a guest access for customers and provide various privileges for agency staff.
- Ability to create automated bid management rules, Bidder, optimization of rates under the CPA, ROI optimization and rates under the DDP, bid management on the weather forecast.
The system is set primarily to work with ecommerce-customers.
The price for the system:
When the budget for the campaign reaches 100 000 the price on the system will be 58$, with a budget of 1700$ it takes 5% of the advertising budget, from 3500$ the price is ranked at 3-5%, from 17000$ the price will be 2,3%.

Platforms this system works with:
Google AdWords, Yandex.Market, Yandex.Direct, VKontakte.
- The system allows you to adjust the bid management strategy in the ads and keywords in order to keep advertisements on certain positions.
- Automatic generation of advertising campaigns in Yandex and Google
- AdWords reduces the amount of routine actions when working with a lot of ads and keywords.
- Automatic change of the ads with regard to the information on the website of the advertiser.
- You can create your own media plan within the system.
- The main module of the system has several advantages, but the interface still stays difficult to use.
- Other system modules are not so developed.
The price for the system:
«Start» rate: 17$ per month, «standart» rate: 34$ per month, the «PRO» rate: 51$ a month, «Extra» rate: 170$ per month.

Platforms this system works with:
Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords
- The system consists of several services: statistics, optimizer, generator, tracker, rules (management account according to predefined rules).
- A unique advantage of the service: the morphology, which allows you to create ads change declension and conjugation of words, semantic core to expand the synonyms.
- Optimizer takes into account various factors that influence the conversion: seasons, holidays, day time, etc.
- Services expose the rates on an independent basis with regard to desired objectives (can be optimized for multiple targets at the same time).
- The complex interface, which is not easy to understand. - Google AdWords is supported worse than Yandex, some of the features available in Yandex can not be applied to the campaigns on Google AdWords.
The price for the system:
Each service is charged separately: Statistics takes 1% of the monthly budget (at least 17$, not more than 172$), the rules take 2.5% of the monthly budget (not less than 85$), optimizer takes from 860$ per month; tracker is charged depending on the daily website traffic and may take from 63$ to 630$ er month, the generator is charged depending on the number of items in a feed from 17$ to 155$.

Marin Software
Platforms this system works with:
Google Adwords, Yandex, Facebook
- The system can control season of products and services by running and stopping according to the schedule
- The system has good analytical functionality for the statistics analysis.
- Integrated Module for rate forecast. Users can calculate rates based on different parameters, eg, ROI, CPA, position or margin.
- The system can automatically generate the ads and conduct A / B ad tests. It is also possible to integrate it with accounting systems offline conversions and optimize campaigns for several purposes.
- The system can work with the keywords, which also have a small amount of statistical data on the number and value of conversions.
- Despite the fact that there is integration with Google Analytics, this is not enough, and it is better to install Marin Tracker in this case.
- The system is quite expensive to use.
- No Russian language support.
The price for the system:
Depends on the advertising budget, you can get the exact price from the company's managers.

Platforms this system works with:
Yandex, Google Adwords, myTarget (Odnoklassniki, My World), VKontakte, Facebook (and the Instagram) Yandex.Displey, AdFox, DoubleClick, Yandex.Market, Google Merchant
Systems analysts:
Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika, CRM.
- Ability to synchronize online advertising with offline activities of both external sources (weather, TV broadcasting, exchange rates, news feed, etc.) and internal (CRM or just the Excel-table data).
- The system includes a great number of modules to automate all processes of the campaign starting from bid management to records management.
- There are a wide range of tools for ad generation, checking references, cross-minus and audience segmentation.
- There is also available reporting system optimization: by keywords, by ads, by platforms, by device type, or other parameter groups.
- The reports include more than 50 metrics: CPA, ROI, conversion rates, advertising revenue, refusals, etc.
The system has a wide selection of standard metrics, but the user can not customize his own metrics and define his own formulas.
The price for the system:
Depends on the advertising budget or the number of users, you can get the exact price from the company's managers.

Platforms this system works with:
Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct
- Alerts found in the system inform users of any errors in the UTM-tags, broken links, ads, pictures in YAN and other errors.
- The system integrates advanced capabilities for structuring your ad groups.
- Conversion Optimizer is also integrated, which is responsible for the automatic bid management and retention targets
- Generator of the advertisements allows updating product listings for online shopping.
- "Automated rules" module that set alerts and manages your account according to the rules.
- The system works with a limited number of websites.
- No campaign planning tools.
The price for the system:
"Mini" rate takes 3% of the budget for contextual advertising, not less than 5$ a day, "Maxi" rate is charged 3% of the budget for contextual advertising, not less than 8$ a day.

Platforms this system works with:
Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Market, VKontakte.
- The service offers a quick unloading statistics with a convenient ROI calculation.
- The system provides two incorporated catalogues: catalog of strategies, which automatically adjusts the settings throughout the campaign, and the catalog of tactics, which is a set of solutions, consisting of mathematical formulas with standard parameter websites.
- You can create a campaign using XML and YML files.
- For a more efficient budget allocation system demonstrates to users the structure of inefficient spending.
- The system is not always stable, so users may encounter some technical errors.
- Does not support Google.AdWords.
The price for the system:
"Trial" rate is free of charge, "small" rate is charged 43$, "medium" rate takes 86$, "large" rate charges you 258$, and "agency" rate takes 775$.

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