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Lague of Legends Lulu | LoL Lulu champion spotlight video

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Lulu | League of Legends

Best AD/AS lulu solo-top build Season 3

Lulu | League of Legends

Lulu | League of Legends

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SEO Recommendations

South Korea denied Google access to geospatial data

South Korean authorities banned Google in using the official map data on servers outside the country, reported by Reuters. The reason for refusal were the security issues related to the conflict with North Korea.
Google points out that data should be used on servers around the world to provide a proper functionality for Google Maps. Otherwise, South Korean user will not be able to get information while on pedestrian and road routes.
"We are quite disappointed by this decision," - said Google’s spokesman. He also expressed the hope that in the future the situation may change, and users in the region will have access to all Google Maps features.
According to the Korean officials, using map data outside the country can threaten its security. In particular, military location and other important objects can be revealed in this case.

Update indicator in the Search Console is now clicklable

The users have noticed that the update indicator in Google Search Console report became clickable.
Under indicator we should understand the vertical line with the word «Update».
From now on when one clicks on «Update» button the user will be moved to the Data Anomalies section that contains information about the update. Before, in order to find out the details of update, you had to go to the Help Search Console, find the page and the right section, focusing on the change date.

Google updates marking articles documentation

Google updated the documentation to create advanced snippets for articles pages. Now it clearly describes the difference between the markup for ordinary pages and AMP.
Earlier the documentation indicated the conditions necessary for the article appearance in the AMP-carousel. Now it specifies that the page can be displayed differently depending on its type: «AMP structured data" or «non-AMP structured data".
The updated guidelines clearly state that in order to get into the AMP-carousel the accelerated page should have the appropriate markup. Otherwise, it will be displayed in Google search results.
With regard to the layout specification, Google also shared recommendations for AMP and non-AMP pages. For instance, if AMP features such as headline and image are required then the HTML-pages are highly recommended.
Google also added a new properties category called «Ignored». It means that the property cannot be included in the markup.

Seo Facts #121

35% of all those 65 and older report using social media, compared with just 2% in 2005. (Source: Pew Research)

Seo Facts #189

Beyond email, 21.1% of sales originated through free search, and 16.3% through paid search on Black Friday.  (Source: Custora)

Seo Facts #37

Total internet advertising spending is growing 16% per year. Mobile accounts for 11% of the total. (TechCrunch)

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