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Rajesh Koothrappali | The Big Bang Theory Wiki | Fandom powered by ...

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Rajesh Koothrappali - Big Bang Theory - Kunal Nayyar - Character ...

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Rajesh Koothrappali - Big Bang Theory - Kunal Nayyar - Character ...

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Rajesh Koothrappali | The Big Bang Theory Wiki | Fandom powered by ...

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1000 images about Kunal Nayyar on Pinterest

Rajesh Koothrappali - Big Bang Theory - Kunal Nayyar - Character ...

SEO Recommendations

Google launches App Maker service

Google has introduced App Maker, which is a new service for creating applications that mostly focuses on corporate clients. The company is now accepting applications for early access to the tool from different enterprises that are using paid version of the G Suite.
The new service allows you to build applications by dragging and insert different widgets within the user interface. Then you can customize the application using scripts, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. After starting the application you can track its functioning through Google Analytics.
App Maker is aimed at the professionals who are not application developers.
"We are mostly targeted at corporate developers who create a variety of solutions within their own company, but do not possess enough knowledge, that the mobile applications developers have," - says Google Product manager, Agee Surya.
Applications created with the help of App Maker, operate on the basis of the same infrastructure as Gmail, Google Calendar and Drive.
The data that is generated within the application can be stored in the new Google Drive Tables service, which is managed by a structured Google Drive database.
App Maker users will be able to integrate their applications with Google with a number of services, including Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Drive, Forms, Gmail, Groups, Translator, Maps, Google Sites, Tables and Google BigQuery.

Google: Noindex directive is of more importance than Index

Google rep, Gary Illyes, reminded that if the code page indicates both directives Noindex and Index only Noindex will be taken into account.
It’s not an undiscovered land for many webmasters, but a truism. However, judging by the fact that Ilsh decided to remind about this on his webpage on Twitter, such situations are not uncommon.

The US elections will be live on Google and Youtube

Google and YouTube will be live broadcasting the Election day, as the Google company reports.
Youtube videohosting will be broadcasted live on world major TV channels, among which NBC, PBS, MTV, Bloomberg, and Telemundo. Right after the polls closed are, users we be able to see the results of the elections that are integrated into a Google search introduced in 30 languages around the world. Live broadcast will also present a detailed updates and results of the presidential election, senators, congressmen, governors and other information.
The voting will begin on November 8 at 14 or 15 p.m. Moscow time.
We should remind you that in September 2016 US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump has accused Google of concealing negative information regarding Hillary Clinton. And in early November, it was reported that a detailed plan for the campaign in the US presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton was composed by none other than the Google head of the board of directors, Eric Schmidt back in 2014.

Seo Facts #160

People now spend more time using apps than watching TV. In 2015, U.S. consumers spent 198 minutes in mobile apps per day compared to 168 minutes watching TV. (Source: Mashable)

Seo Facts #182

Cyber Monday e-commerce revenue was up 16.2% over Cyber Monday 2014, and orders (transactions) were up 14.7%.  (Source: Custora)

Seo Facts #75

More than 7 in 10 respondents feel that their SEO effectiveness is improving either significantly (15%) or modestly (56%). (Source: Marketing Charts)

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