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Wholesale Wine Casket, Wholesale Wine Casket Suppliers and ...

English wine cask units - Wikipedia

Wine Casket, Wine Casket Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Wine Casket, Wine Casket Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Wine Casket, Wine Casket Suppliers and Manufacturers at

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Croco Tiles | Wine caskets


Mini Casket Wine Case/Cremation Urn - NEW, never used | eBay

Wine casket | tas-humble-products

Mahogany Casket Wine/Liquor Bottle Holder Outside Central Alberta ...

Vintage Level Map Design Wine Box Casket - Fair Trade Gifts Fife

Buy Cask Whites Online from Dan Murphy's

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SEO Recommendations

Google updates Search Console infrastructure

Google is on the point of updating Search Console infrastructure; this makes a matter of possible delays in data registration in some of reports. This information was stated on Data Anomalies service webpage.
This situation will take several weeks. "Analysis of the search terms" report will not be affected.
Infrastructure Update was launched on November, 1.
At the moment, some webmasters lack data in "Links to your site" report.
It’s more likely that is has to do with the current changes.

John Mueller called to stop rustling about redirects

Recently, Google rep, Jon Mueller, posted a call for webmasters to stop fussing about redirects on his page on Twitter. According to him, the redirect adjustment is a technical issue and not a matter of SEO. The most important thing is to choose the right version of the redirect, and there is nothing “supernatural” about that.
Mueller’s message was posted following the recent Twitter-storm con regarding the topic of redirects and how they are processed by Google.
During the discussion, Google's search quality analyst, Gary Illyes, said all redirects pass PageRank:
As it was seen from the comments, the foreign experts agreed to the fact that redirects are a matter of technical SEO.
We should remind you that in July this year Gary Illyes have already said that all the redirect codes 3xx pass PageRank.

HTTPS-connections on desktop Chrome browser has estimated over 50% interest

Google has added a new "Using HTTPS» section in its report on the accessibility of their services and data. It aims to show the transition dynamics to a secure protocol.
According to Google, current desktop Chrome version users download more than a half of the pages through the safe protocol. Whereas, mobile users still widely use HTTP protocol, however, more and more users are getting to HTTPS. Android users who use HTTPS protocol were estimated at 40%.
Google has valued the statistics on page views using different protocols in Chrome and found out that users spend most of their time browsing HTTPS websites than HTTP-resources. This ratio is getting higher for HTTPS benefit.
Google started measuring the HTTPS-connections on Chrome in early 2015.
It should be mentioned that in December 2015 the search engine began HTTPS-indexing page version by default. According to Moz, HTTPS-results in Google top 10 has reached 40% last month.

Seo Facts #15

79% of search engine users say they always/frequently click on the natural search results. In contrast, 80% of search engine users say they occasionally/rarely/never click on the sponsored search results.

Seo Facts #142

Twitter has 320 million monthly active users as of September 2015. (Source: Twitter)

Seo Facts #86

88% of B2B marketers currently use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy, yet only 32% have a documented content marketing strategy. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

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