Image Gallery: Kim allen psychic predictions

Kim Allen in Media

Kim Allen in Media

Kim Allen - Psychic Astrologer - YouTube

Kim Allen - Predictions for Celebrities in 2013 « CBS New York ...

Psychic Kim Allen gives advice to woman with mothering issues ...

Kim Allen Monthly Astrology Related Keywords & Suggestions - Kim ...

Kim Allen in Media

George calls Kim Allen back for more psychic advice 11:7:14 - YouTube

Katy perry, Meant to be and Katy perry unconditionally on Pinterest

Best psychics in NYC for tarot cards, palm readings and astrology

Kim Allen in Media

A Guide to the Psychics, Shamans, and Tarot Readers of Brooklyn ...

Astrologer Kim Allen on Radio 103.9 FM NY 11/ 4/ 2014 - YouTube

Kim Kardashian admits to psychic John Edwards her marriage is over ...

Kim Allen - Predictions for Celebrities in 2013 « CBS New York ...

Kim Allen Psychic Predictions Related Keywords - Kim Allen Psychic ...

Kim Russo is Truly “The Happy Psychic” | ParaYourNormal

Times Square Gossip: PSYCHIC

Kim Allen - Predictions for Celebrities in 2013 « CBS New York ...

Kim Allen - Predictions for Celebrities in 2013 « CBS New York ...

SEO Recommendations

Google needs external links to improve the quality of search results

Recently Google’s representative Gary Illyes confirmed that search engines need external links to ensure high-quality results.
The former head of department of Google against the web spam, Matt Cutts, said in 2014 that the failure of the accounting reference quality of the search results is getting worse. A year later, Gary Ilsh confirmed his words.
Internet Marketing consultant, Don Anderson decided to clarify what links he meant: internal or external. Illyes replied:
"I referred to external links. To some extent they touch the popularity of a resource, and approval from others. "

South Korea denied Google access to geospatial data

South Korean authorities banned Google in using the official map data on servers outside the country, reported by Reuters. The reason for refusal were the security issues related to the conflict with North Korea.
Google points out that data should be used on servers around the world to provide a proper functionality for Google Maps. Otherwise, South Korean user will not be able to get information while on pedestrian and road routes.
"We are quite disappointed by this decision," - said Google’s spokesman. He also expressed the hope that in the future the situation may change, and users in the region will have access to all Google Maps features.
According to the Korean officials, using map data outside the country can threaten its security. In particular, military location and other important objects can be revealed in this case.

Google: WordPress-based websites do not benefit in rankings

There is a belief among foreign webmasters that websites built on WordPress receive some advantage in Google rankings. Yesterday it became clear that this is just another myth.
The question on the subject was given to search spokesman, John Mueller on Twitter. He said the following: «WordPress is a perfect for content management system, and it works well in the search. However, our algorithms are not taken into account in the ranking of such factors as the CMS, on the basis of which the works."
According to W3Techs by November 2015, every fourth website on the Internet is powered by WordPress.

Seo Facts #180

E-mail marketing was the leading channel behind search, driving an impressive 20% of online sales during the 2015 holiday shopping season (Nov. 1 – Dec. 31).  (Source: Custora)

Seo Facts #177

 Apple continued to rule the mobile shopping game with 76.9% of orders placed on iOS devices during the 2015 holiday shopping season.  (Source: Custora)

Seo Facts #79

49% of B2B researchers who use their mobile devices for product research do so while at work. (Source: Google)

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