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SEO Recommendations

Google has improved the "Security Issues" report in the Search Console

Google has updated the "Security Issues" report in the Search Console. It provides more information on the problems detected by Safe Browsing technology.
The technology defines the following types of problems: malware, fraudulent pages (social engineering), malicious downloads and unwanted downloads.
From now on it provides the following information: description of the problem, recommendations for its elimination and URL examples, through which the webmaster will be able to find the source of the issue.

Google needs external links to improve the quality of search results

Recently Google’s representative Gary Illyes confirmed that search engines need external links to ensure high-quality results.
The former head of department of Google against the web spam, Matt Cutts, said in 2014 that the failure of the accounting reference quality of the search results is getting worse. A year later, Gary Ilsh confirmed his words.
Internet Marketing consultant, Don Anderson decided to clarify what links he meant: internal or external. Illyes replied:
"I referred to external links. To some extent they touch the popularity of a resource, and approval from others. "

Google My Business introduced notification settings

Google has added a new setting into the My Business service. Using the settings users can manage notifications for email and mobile devices.
From now on you can modify the following notifications:
- important account updates;
- feedbacks from customers;
- notifications about photos published by the clients;
- notifications about new features and offers, which will help to attract more customers and others.
The information regarding new settings can be found here:
More information about the innovation is available in the Help screen in Google My Business.

Seo Facts #5

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

Seo Facts #94

The most effective content marketing strategy for B2C businesses is eNewsletters (61% of marketers say these are effective). Other effective strategies are in-person events (67%), illustrations/photos (66%) and social media content (66%). (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

Seo Facts #45

In the same Ascend2 report 48% of respondents identified keyword/phrase research as a most effective SEO tactic with 34% citing frequent website updates. (Source: MarketingProfs)

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