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Gyn Exam Table & Obstetric Obgyn Table

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How Often Should I See a Gynecologist? (with pictures)

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What to Expect For Your Annual Gynecological Exam | Pelvic Exam ...

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In Defense of the Pelvic Exam

Are annual pelvic exams useful? Not all doctors think so -

SEO Recommendations

You can now disable the automatic extension in AdWords

Google AdWords interface added a feature that turns off unnecessary automatic extensions.
Please follow the instructions below to enable the feature:
• Sign in your AdWords account.
• Click the "Ad Extensions" tab.
• In the drop-down menu on the left above the table, select the report named "Automatic extension."
• Click "Automatic extensions options (optional)."
• Next to "Show all automatic extensions for this account” click "Edit."
• Select "Do not use separate automatic extensions for this account."
• Select the check boxes next to the required types of automatic extensions. • Click the "Save" button.

It should be also mentioned that Google has introduced the extensions to messages. Using this feature, you can create ads by SMS-click option. With these extensions, advertisers will need use tools to receive, process and send SMS.

Google Search Analytics API makes available resource sets

Google opened access to resource sets in the Search Console by means of the Search Analytics API. Mike Sullivan from the United States was the first one noticed this innovation.
Google launched a new feature "Resource Kits" in the Search Console in May this year. It allows you to connect up to 200 resources of any type (either the web pages or applications) into a sole group and receive all the data on clicks and impressions in a single report.
From now on the resource kits are also available through the Search Analytics API.

Google updates new recommendations to website transfer

Google has updated recommendations for those webmasters that transfer your website to a new domain, HTTPS protocol, or a new URL structure.
The updated document now has got a new subsection, which states, when it is better to carry out a partial transfer and when the whole URL:
"Think about the options you would prefer to get your webpage transferred.
• If you website is of small or medium size, we recommend that you transfer the whole URL. In this case, the users will not have problems using the website, whereas for Google robots it will be easier to detect the transfer and index the entire web page.
• If you have a large website, try to move it in parts. This way it will be easier to identify and troubleshoot possible issues."
This question was often called by webmasters, especially with the large websites. Now it has got a formal response by Google.
It is noteworthy that the medium-sized websites it is recommended to do the entire URL transfer. But the concept of "medium" is so much relative and the company has not specified the exact details yet.

Seo Facts #66

57% of customers say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site and 40 percent have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad experience. (Source: Google)

Seo Facts #168

50% of adults shop on smartphones while browsing a store. (Source: VentureBeat)

Seo Facts #55

According to research from RBC Capital Markets conducted in September 2015, 64% of US small and medium-sized businesses had a professional website for their business, and an additional 10% planned to create one. (Source: eMarketer)

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