Image Gallery: Old castle brick

Old castle limestone brick wall as an abstract background ...

Image*After : textures : old castle like brick wall mortar stones

Old Castle Stone Brick Wall Background Photo | www.myfreetextures ...

Old Castle Brick Wall For Use As A Background Stock Photo, Picture ...

Old Castle Brick Wall Stock Photo - Image: 45984043

Castle Brick Patterns

Stone wall background texture from the old castle | Stock Photo ...

Castle Wall Made Of Old Stone Bricks Stock Photo, Picture And ...

Castle Wall Made Up Of Old Gray Bricks Stock Photo, Picture And ...

Very nice brick wall from the old castle | Stock Photo | Colourbox

Photo Brick wall of an old castle Image #1760105

Medieval Brick Wall Of The Old Castle Stock Photo, Picture And ...

Old Castle Stone Brick Wall Background Photo | www.myfreetextures ...

Stone Wall Of An Old Castle In Chelmno, Poland Stock Photo ...

Castle Stock Photos, Images, & Pictures - 402,773 Images

Old Castle Brick Wall With Green Grass At The Bottom Royalty Free ...

Old Castle Stone Brick Wall Background Photo | www.myfreetextures ...

Old Castle Lookout Tower Stock Image - Image: 36100461

old brick castle picture, by wooyuenfoo for: old bricks photoshop ...

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SEO Recommendations

Google updates marking articles documentation

Google updated the documentation to create advanced snippets for articles pages. Now it clearly describes the difference between the markup for ordinary pages and AMP.
Earlier the documentation indicated the conditions necessary for the article appearance in the AMP-carousel. Now it specifies that the page can be displayed differently depending on its type: «AMP structured data" or «non-AMP structured data".
The updated guidelines clearly state that in order to get into the AMP-carousel the accelerated page should have the appropriate markup. Otherwise, it will be displayed in Google search results.
With regard to the layout specification, Google also shared recommendations for AMP and non-AMP pages. For instance, if AMP features such as headline and image are required then the HTML-pages are highly recommended.
Google also added a new properties category called «Ignored». It means that the property cannot be included in the markup.

Google launches App Maker service

Google has introduced App Maker, which is a new service for creating applications that mostly focuses on corporate clients. The company is now accepting applications for early access to the tool from different enterprises that are using paid version of the G Suite.
The new service allows you to build applications by dragging and insert different widgets within the user interface. Then you can customize the application using scripts, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. After starting the application you can track its functioning through Google Analytics.
App Maker is aimed at the professionals who are not application developers.
"We are mostly targeted at corporate developers who create a variety of solutions within their own company, but do not possess enough knowledge, that the mobile applications developers have," - says Google Product manager, Agee Surya.
Applications created with the help of App Maker, operate on the basis of the same infrastructure as Gmail, Google Calendar and Drive.
The data that is generated within the application can be stored in the new Google Drive Tables service, which is managed by a structured Google Drive database.
App Maker users will be able to integrate their applications with Google with a number of services, including Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Drive, Forms, Gmail, Groups, Translator, Maps, Google Sites, Tables and Google BigQuery.

You can now disable the automatic extension in AdWords

Google AdWords interface added a feature that turns off unnecessary automatic extensions.
Please follow the instructions below to enable the feature:
• Sign in your AdWords account.
• Click the "Ad Extensions" tab.
• In the drop-down menu on the left above the table, select the report named "Automatic extension."
• Click "Automatic extensions options (optional)."
• Next to "Show all automatic extensions for this account” click "Edit."
• Select "Do not use separate automatic extensions for this account."
• Select the check boxes next to the required types of automatic extensions. • Click the "Save" button.

It should be also mentioned that Google has introduced the extensions to messages. Using this feature, you can create ads by SMS-click option. With these extensions, advertisers will need use tools to receive, process and send SMS.

Seo Facts #98

The forecasted number of e-mail users worldwide by 2016: 2.76 billion. (Source: Statista)

Seo Facts #141

There are 925+ million people using Facebook Groups as of Q3 2015. (Source: TechCrunch)

Seo Facts #182

Cyber Monday e-commerce revenue was up 16.2% over Cyber Monday 2014, and orders (transactions) were up 14.7%.  (Source: Custora)

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