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SEO Recommendations

What is SEO and SEO-optimization?

If you have got a website, then you just have to know what SEO is. Would you like to attract more visitors to the website to demonstrate your products and services or simply to make money online? You can easily reach this goal! The only thing you need to do is to promote the website to top 10 in search engines. In order to keep it top you need to know the basics of optimization and promotion in search engines and know how to use them.
Let's start with an introduction of SEO concept. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
The meaning of these three words is the optimization to your further website promotion in the search engine rankings.
The higher the position of your site in search engine results, the greater the possibility that the user will visit the website, because 100% of users go to first three links found in the search results, and only 20-50% may probably go down to the tenth website provided in the search engine.
10-20% of users check the second website shown in the search results. Therefore, top 10 websites in the search engine are the most favorable resources. But, unfortunately, there are way too many competitors, and there is only top ten websites which take the most priority. It’s no wonder why people ask: how to bring the website to the top place and become a leader? That’s exactly where you will need to use the SEO optimization.

Search SEO-optimization can be divided into three parts:
• The first part takes the functioning of the website itself. It includes the correction of possible errors, adding and editing the content, optimizing the HTML-page code, re-linking, etc. This part is famous as internal optimization.
The effectiveness of you startup depends on your efforts and knowledge in the correspondent area. We must also bear in mind that search engine algorithms have slight difference and therefore Google optimization should be a little bit different from the Yandex optimization.
• The second part of SEO-Optimization is your own website promotion. This step is necessary to bring the resource to the first position by a group of activities running off-site (by means of other websites, article directories, forums, bookmarks, etc), main function of which is to build up the necessary referential mass and promote the website targeted requests, as well as to increase its credibility. This is called a promotion or an external website optimization.
• The third part includes maintenance of the achieved positions and improving the results. Watching your results and indicators of competitors, changing the keywords, texts used as links, website content, all this sure should be taken into account if you wish to keep a top position.

Google: Noindex directive is of more importance than Index

Google rep, Gary Illyes, reminded that if the code page indicates both directives Noindex and Index only Noindex will be taken into account.
It’s not an undiscovered land for many webmasters, but a truism. However, judging by the fact that Ilsh decided to remind about this on his webpage on Twitter, such situations are not uncommon.

Google updates new recommendations to website transfer

Google has updated recommendations for those webmasters that transfer your website to a new domain, HTTPS protocol, or a new URL structure.
The updated document now has got a new subsection, which states, when it is better to carry out a partial transfer and when the whole URL:
"Think about the options you would prefer to get your webpage transferred.
• If you website is of small or medium size, we recommend that you transfer the whole URL. In this case, the users will not have problems using the website, whereas for Google robots it will be easier to detect the transfer and index the entire web page.
• If you have a large website, try to move it in parts. This way it will be easier to identify and troubleshoot possible issues."
This question was often called by webmasters, especially with the large websites. Now it has got a formal response by Google.
It is noteworthy that the medium-sized websites it is recommended to do the entire URL transfer. But the concept of "medium" is so much relative and the company has not specified the exact details yet.

Seo Facts #32

89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine. (Biznology)

Seo Facts #34

The top challenges in SEO are link building (cited by 41% of corporate marketers) and keyword research (39%). (MediaPost)

Seo Facts #22

The average user spends up to three hours a day on a mobile device. (2016)

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