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Huge Superchub Man

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Single gay man. those are few things of what i like — man looking ...

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Huge Superchub Man

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HTTPS-connections on desktop Chrome browser has estimated over 50% interest

Google has added a new "Using HTTPS» section in its report on the accessibility of their services and data. It aims to show the transition dynamics to a secure protocol.
According to Google, current desktop Chrome version users download more than a half of the pages through the safe protocol. Whereas, mobile users still widely use HTTP protocol, however, more and more users are getting to HTTPS. Android users who use HTTPS protocol were estimated at 40%.
Google has valued the statistics on page views using different protocols in Chrome and found out that users spend most of their time browsing HTTPS websites than HTTP-resources. This ratio is getting higher for HTTPS benefit.
Google started measuring the HTTPS-connections on Chrome in early 2015.
It should be mentioned that in December 2015 the search engine began HTTPS-indexing page version by default. According to Moz, HTTPS-results in Google top 10 has reached 40% last month.

South Korea denied Google access to geospatial data

South Korean authorities banned Google in using the official map data on servers outside the country, reported by Reuters. The reason for refusal were the security issues related to the conflict with North Korea.
Google points out that data should be used on servers around the world to provide a proper functionality for Google Maps. Otherwise, South Korean user will not be able to get information while on pedestrian and road routes.
"We are quite disappointed by this decision," - said Google’s spokesman. He also expressed the hope that in the future the situation may change, and users in the region will have access to all Google Maps features.
According to the Korean officials, using map data outside the country can threaten its security. In particular, military location and other important objects can be revealed in this case.

Google changes its approach to the tab content processing

Google representatives have repeatedly said that the content hidden from users under the tabs and links gets less important and can be ignored by the ranking algorithms. According to Gary Illyes, after the mobile-first index is launched, the current situation should change.
During the discussion regarding the upcoming launch into the Twitter Illyes was asked the following question:
"The "bellows" on the desktop content and similar elements on the page are ignored or are not indexed. Is it processed the same way on mobile devices? ". Ilyes replied:
"No, the mobile-first world content is hidden from users and must have the full weight."
It is still a secret whether it will influence the desktop content or not.

Seo Facts #67

1 in 3 smartphone searches were made right before a store visit. (Source: Google)

Seo Facts #26

Lead generation (cited by 61% of corporate marketers) and Web site traffic (57%) are the top SEO objectives for marketers at enterprise companies in 2015. 54% want to improve traffic conversion rates. Just 24% cited attributing sales and revenue to SEO as a top goal. (MediaPost)

Seo Facts #47

A July 2015 study by Moz and BuzzSumo analyzed the shares and links of over 1 million articles and found that long form content of over 1,000 words consistently receives more shares and links than shorter form content (Source: Moz)

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