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SEO Recommendations

Google works on narrowing the fake news given in the search results

Google is working on improving the algorithm, where the block "Breaking News" in the search results is based. The company's goal is to promote better news resources and deleting phishing web news.
Earlier this month, the head of Google, Sundar Pichai, was interviewed by BBC and he told that the search engine aims to reduce the probability of dissemination of untrue news to zero.
About two years ago Google made an access to the block of the main news for all publishers, not just Google News sources. As a result, the publications of Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Hacker News, and low quality content blog started appearing in the search results. After starting the AMP the access became even easier since these websites are adopting the new format so fast, therefore more and more news appear in the search results.
Although the websites are approved by Google News, they quite often publish low quality content, that do not meet certain criteria. At the same time the "Breaking News" block does not require any criteria.
We should remind you that in October Google News began to mark the checked articles.

HTTPS-connections on desktop Chrome browser has estimated over 50% interest

Google has added a new "Using HTTPS» section in its report on the accessibility of their services and data. It aims to show the transition dynamics to a secure protocol.
According to Google, current desktop Chrome version users download more than a half of the pages through the safe protocol. Whereas, mobile users still widely use HTTP protocol, however, more and more users are getting to HTTPS. Android users who use HTTPS protocol were estimated at 40%.
Google has valued the statistics on page views using different protocols in Chrome and found out that users spend most of their time browsing HTTPS websites than HTTP-resources. This ratio is getting higher for HTTPS benefit.
Google started measuring the HTTPS-connections on Chrome in early 2015.
It should be mentioned that in December 2015 the search engine began HTTPS-indexing page version by default. According to Moz, HTTPS-results in Google top 10 has reached 40% last month.

Google updates marking articles documentation

Google updated the documentation to create advanced snippets for articles pages. Now it clearly describes the difference between the markup for ordinary pages and AMP.
Earlier the documentation indicated the conditions necessary for the article appearance in the AMP-carousel. Now it specifies that the page can be displayed differently depending on its type: «AMP structured data" or «non-AMP structured data".
The updated guidelines clearly state that in order to get into the AMP-carousel the accelerated page should have the appropriate markup. Otherwise, it will be displayed in Google search results.
With regard to the layout specification, Google also shared recommendations for AMP and non-AMP pages. For instance, if AMP features such as headline and image are required then the HTML-pages are highly recommended.
Google also added a new properties category called «Ignored». It means that the property cannot be included in the markup.

Seo Facts #65

43% of consumers do online research while in the store. (Source: Wordstream)

Seo Facts #152

Instagram reports 400 million users with over 75% living outside the US as of September 2015.  (Source: Instagram)

Seo Facts #1

Content marketing rocks. Marketing Sherpa reports distribution lead to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic and a 40% increase in revenue.

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