Image Gallery: Reeltoreel

Revox PR99 reel to reel tape recorder

Retro Thing: 10 Classic Reel-to-Reel Decks

Reel To Reel Teac

reel to reel | Generation Bass | Flickr

Reel To Reel Tape Recorder Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images

Reel-to-Reel, Cassette and Digital Audio Tape

Rare 1947 Brush Soundmirror BK-401 Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder ...

Reel-to-reel tape is the new vinyl | The Verge

Mechanical Sound Editing - How Sound Editing Works | HowStuffWorks

Reel-to-reel tape is the new vinyl | The Verge

1000 images about Audio Reel to Reel on Pinterest | Audio, Tape ...

The Revox A700 reel to reel tape recorder

Reel To Reel Tape Recorder Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images

Reel To Reel Tape Recorder Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images

Reel To Reel Tape Recorder Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images

Reel-to-reel tape is the new vinyl | The Verge

acoustic sounds reel-to-reel tape

Gorgeously restored reel-to-reel tape decks - Boing Boing


Show me your Reel to Reel Set up! - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

SEO Recommendations

Google is testing “Back to top” button on mobile search

English-speaking users have noticed that Google is testing a newly introduced «Back to top» («Up») button in the mobile search results. It appears when scrolling down the page.
On iOS this button is displayed only for some Google app users. However, it is slow in responding and degrades the experience of search interaction.
We should mention that last month Google held a testing for a new desktop interface search results.

Google updates Search Console infrastructure

Google is on the point of updating Search Console infrastructure; this makes a matter of possible delays in data registration in some of reports. This information was stated on Data Anomalies service webpage.
This situation will take several weeks. "Analysis of the search terms" report will not be affected.
Infrastructure Update was launched on November, 1.
At the moment, some webmasters lack data in "Links to your site" report.
It’s more likely that is has to do with the current changes.

Instagram became the largest advertiser among the apps in Facebook

Instagram is the largest advertiser on Facebook's mobile app category. This information was reported by AdAge citing a new Sensor Tower report.
The photoservice accounts 5% of advertising the applications setup in the social network. Previously, Instagram was in the top 10, but in the III quarter it took the prior position among advertisers in this category.
"Apparently, it seems like they will not stop advertising campaigns to attract new users", - said Sensor Tower Product management director, Wes McCabe.
Since 2013, Instagram audience has grown from 100 million to 500 million active users per month. Particularly thanks to promotion on Facebook.
According to AdAge, Facebook does not allow advertisements to buy Twitter. The social network policy prohibits posting competitor’s advertising.
Facebook spokesman rejected this fact, but he also stressed out that the company reserves the right to reject, approve or remove any ad without giving a reason. We should recall that since 2012 Instagram belongs to Facebook.

Seo Facts #145

There were 400 million registered users on LinkedIn as of December 2015. (Source: LinkedIn)

Seo Facts #44

72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic according in a June 2015 report from Ascend2.(Source: MarketingProfs)

Seo Facts #17

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. (2016)

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