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The Meade Deep Sky Imager

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Meade 1.25" Telescope Color CMOS Video USB Camera Electronic ... : Meade CaptureView 8x22 Digital Camera Binocular ...

Rainy Day Science : Meade DSI - September 8, 2009

Meade Variable Projection Camera Adapter (1.25") 07361 30% OFF

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Meade CaptureView 8 x 22 Binocular/ Digital Camera - 11115615 ...

Meade DSI Pro II Review | BBC Sky at Night Magazine

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Facebook extends the Audience Network coverage for Digital TV

Facebook starts testing video ads sales on Apple TV and Roku sets in Audience Network this week.
"We want to test the way to the best video ads delivery across Audience Network users connected to the Internet TV devices. Our goal is to provide relevant ads to both Facebook and Social Networks users", the company comments.
Testing will be held with a limited scale.
We should also remind you that early this year Facebook Audience Network has expanded ad views on the mobile Internet. Previously, he was made only in the annexes.
In May advertisers were able to target non-Facebook users, but who visits the websites and applications included to the FAN.

Google shows the wrong date in the search results

A few days ago a lot of webmasters have noticed that Google shows the wrong date of the publication of content in the search results. This is clearly seen from the messages posted on Google Webmaster Help, Webmaster World, BlackHat World, and Moz forums.
The screenshot (see the link below) displays Google indicates that the message was published on the 30th of December, 2014. In fact, it was uploaded on the 11th of January, 2016.
The specialists are already aware of the bug and are currently working on fixing this error as soon as possible for all users affected.

Twitter considers options to Vine sales

Twitter has decided not to stop the Vine service since it has received a lot of applications on its purchase. The Company expects to conclude an appropriate transaction in the near future. This information was reported by TechCrunch citing its sources.
At the moment, Twitter has reduced the number of potential buyers to only five. The interested companies are still not revealed, except the Japanese company named Line.
One source also stated that several entities consider buying the service for less than $10 billion.
It is assumed that Twitter will be able to benefit from the Vine service, even with the new owner by means of synchronization between applications. Earlier it was reported that Twitter plans to close Vine mobile application in the upcoming months.

Seo Facts #89

88% of B2B companies report using content marketing, with 76% saying they will produce more content in 2016. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

Seo Facts #132

Facebook and other social media sites ranked as the second most effective marketing method among US small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) surveyed in January 2015. (Source: eMarketer)

Seo Facts #100

Gmail has over 900 million active users as of May 2015. (Source: TechCrunch)

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