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SEO Recommendations

Alphabet reveals its investments to Snapchat

Venture Google Capital Fund, which is a part of the Alphabet holding company changed its name to CapitalG and launched an updated website. Reuters journalists discovered the service logo of the missing Snapchat messages.
The company did not make any official statements regarding the investments to Snapchat. The date and amount of investments remained a secret.
Alphabet Press Service has not yet responded to a request for comment.
Currently Snap Inc, owner of Snapchat, is preparing to enter the stock market. It is assumed that after the IPO, the market value of the company will amount to $ 25 billion.
In 2013, Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat for $ 3 billion. However, the service management rejected that proposal.

Google updates marking articles documentation

Google updated the documentation to create advanced snippets for articles pages. Now it clearly describes the difference between the markup for ordinary pages and AMP.
Earlier the documentation indicated the conditions necessary for the article appearance in the AMP-carousel. Now it specifies that the page can be displayed differently depending on its type: «AMP structured data" or «non-AMP structured data".
The updated guidelines clearly state that in order to get into the AMP-carousel the accelerated page should have the appropriate markup. Otherwise, it will be displayed in Google search results.
With regard to the layout specification, Google also shared recommendations for AMP and non-AMP pages. For instance, if AMP features such as headline and image are required then the HTML-pages are highly recommended.
Google also added a new properties category called «Ignored». It means that the property cannot be included in the markup.

Google has updated a report on the AMP errors in Search Console

Google has updated the bug report on AMP-pages in Search Console. This was reported by Data Anomalies in the Help Center service.
The reason why it was updated was the introduction of "scanning process" feature. "You can follow the changes to the AMP data due to a change in the scanning process," – the page states.
The Search Engine Roundtable editor, Barry Schwartz shared a screenshot of the updated report:
It should be recalled that the report on the rapid mobile pages in Search Console appeared in January this year. The developers have updated the report, improving categorization errors in May this year. It also has more information available about the specific problems identified at the AMP-page scanning.
The micro markup errors on AMP-pages have been transferred into the category of notes. From now on they do not appear in the report for accelerated pages in the Search Console.

Seo Facts #168

50% of adults shop on smartphones while browsing a store. (Source: VentureBeat)

Seo Facts #79

49% of B2B researchers who use their mobile devices for product research do so while at work. (Source: Google)

Seo Facts #20

91% of internet users use search. (2016)

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